What is Kiln Glass?

Do you want intricate designs, unique colours, and beautiful shapes?

Glass that dances in the light, refracts rays of rainbow light, and embodies the shapes of your imagination.

No matter your desired colour, shape, or texture of glass — there’s a combination of materials and kiln formed glass techniques that’ll create the exact glass piece you want.

Do you have a design in mind?

Why Choose Us?

From creating commemorative bowls for SBS TV, replicating the Magna Carta for the Supreme Court in London, to creating residential glass sculptures in people’s backyards…

By using the highest quality glass, time tested glass kiln techniques, and the flair that only someone with a deep passion for glasswork can have — We have created countless projects,  and materialised the visions of every client we serve.

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that anything you can imagine, we can create.

First, we create a mould that matches your design. Then by using a specialised kiln made for glasswork, your glass is placed over the mould we created. Reaching temperatures as high as 800 degrees celsius, your glass then slumps into place.

Then by using advanced glasswork techniques, we shape your glass into perfection. Ready for you to display and admire.

By working alongside designers and architects, there’s nothing we can’t create. Whether you have a complete design in mind, a first draft, or nothing but a brief idea — we can polish your ideas and turn them into a reality within your glass.

We use the highest quality materials
We deliver great value in addition to our extraordinary technical skills
Even if you haven’t completed your design, we can help perfect it
We use the latest glasswork techniques and technology
We are an Australian owned company with it’s studio based in Sydney
Our glass is manufactured here in Sydney

Our Works

We use proven glass kiln techniques and evenheat kiln technology to produce only the
finest works. From kiln stained glass, to decorative bowls, and everything in between.
Have a look at some of our past projects and inspire yours.

Check out our other services

Is kiln formed glass not what you’re after? Here are some other services we offer:

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Glass gilding

Turn your glass into something extravagant. Incorporate precious metals into your glass.
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Glass bonding

Add vibrant colours to your glass with new advanced methods of glass staining that we use.
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Sandblasting & frosting

Increase the privacy of your glass and add intricate patterns and textures, or even your logo.
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Film & vinyl

Mimic the effect of bonded or sandblasted glass. A temporary solution that’s cheaper.
Acid Etching - glass designers

Acid Etching

Add intricate designs with different shades to your glass using hydrofluoric acid.

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Here’s what others have had to say about our kiln formed glass service.

  • Liz C
    Andy/Mark replaced our frameless shower screen recently and the job was fantastic. It looks great, and professionally installed. I can't recommend him enough. Good work guys!
    Liz C
  • Kate Earl
    Would definitely recommend Mark. His work is excellent quality and he didn’t take long between the quote and installation.
    Kate Earl
  • Greg G
    Mark was great. Very good customer service. I have used the service twice for custom, frameless shower screens. Both look great. Good quality and reasonable price.
    Greg G
  • Gabriel Cataldo
    Fantastic service…Had a semi-framed installed (custom dimensions). Although price was on par with some of the other competitors (even the bigger companies), the immediate attention, professionalism and honesty of Mark, was what made the decision to go with. On the day, work was carried out quickly and cleaned everything afterwards. Extremely satisfied with the job and would gladly recommend him to family and friends.
    Gabriel Cataldo
  • Amber Lowe
    From the first phone call, the service Mark provided was efficient and professional. The final product was exactly as we wanted and of high quality. Mark was easy to work with and I would highly recommend him.
    Amber Lowe
  • Gerald G
    Mark was very good, efficient, clean and thorough. Would not hesitate in recommending him to others.
    Gerald G
  • Lee T
    I am really pleased with the results and the friendly service Mark Rogerson Glass provided. He was a very professional person to deal with and had no problem whatsoever with returning to do a minor adjustment a week or so after the completion of the job. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants a professional job for a very reasonable price.
    Lee T
  • Paul
    Excellent polite and punctual did a first class job at a competitive price.
  • Christie Di Zio
    Highly professional, outstanding quality. Excellent service and great price. Mark was very professional, friendly and very knowledgeable about Glass. Couldn’t be happier with the style, look and quality. It’s really beautiful. Highly recommend Mark and his team.
    Christie Di Zio
  • Emma Rebello
    Great service. Job was completed with time and professionally. Would highly recommend Mark.
    Emma Rebello
  • Dawn Gaskell
    Can highly recommend! Great Service very friendly and everything completed on time and as requested!
    Dawn Gaskell
  • Jennigje Galama
    Mark made a custom mirror for my bathroom, and it just looks amazing. Thanks for a brilliant job.
    Jennigje Galama
  • Dave Tudor-Owen
    Kitchen splash-back looks great, thanks Mark! Great customer service all round, would highly recommend.
    Dave Tudor-Owen
  • Abhishek Pant
    We are very happy with his work, he did great work. Price was excellent, very professional and friendly bloke.
    Abhishek Pant
  • Gayda
    From the first contact, Mark was professional and friendly. Mark was always on time and I was so happy with the work. He took pride in his work and you can see that when installation was completed and quality of glass was awesome. Mark assured me of his quality work and product and he delivered, advising if there was any issues not to hesitate contacting him. Mark confirmed appointment time for measuring and installation and at both occasions he was on time. I would recommend his quality, friendly service and product any day. Thank you Mark we’re one happy customer!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a kiln?

A kiln is similar to a furnace. It is thermally insulated and this allows temperatures within to reach as high as 800 degrees celsius. While there are kilns for pottery and claywork, the kilns we use are specifically made for glass. This allows us to mould and fuse different types of glass together to create the piece you want.

How is glass fused in a kiln?

Glasses which are compatible for fusing, are stacked together and placed into a kiln. They then reach extremely high temperatures, at which the glasses melt. This is when they fuse together. However, for more intricate designs, there is a step beyond that. By using advanced glasswork techniques, the fused glass can be moulded to create intricate patterns, designs, and be specifically shaped.

Why is a kiln used?

A glass kiln is used because temperatures can be controlled. This allows us to consistently create amazing pieces and retain a high quality of service.

Is fused glass better?

Fused glass is generally more durable. If the glass combined using a different method, the separate pieces will have different physical properties. This means the glass is easier to break off at that point. However, if the glass is fused through the process of heating and moulding, the different glasses become one piece and is much less likely to break.

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